Blog Challenge: My Top Five Books and Why


13105995_545514795621324_1270205044_oSo, I missed last Friday’s blog challenge. I was sick and all I wanted to do was sleep. This week I’m doing last week’s theme for no other reason than I want to and this is my blog. 😉 LOL

My top five in random order. These change from time to time but here are some of my favorites. For now.

  1. Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward. I chose this book instead of the first in this series because it was the first one I read of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I fell in love with the characters and went out and brought the rest of the books that had already been published. My favorite character is John Matthew and always will be.
  2. Blood Kiss by none other than J.R. Ward. This is the first book in her BDB Legacy series and I really really liked it. You got a chance to see most of the brothers in this one and that put a smile on my face.
  3. Any of the Lord of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter because I also love her and I also write paranormal in addition to romantic suspense. I’m currently reading The Darkest Torment.
  4. Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion. This book was hilarious! Great romantic comedy.
  5. ??? Crap. I really need to read more. Well, I technically named more than five…

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