Blog Challenge: A Day in My Life #LifeBooksWriting @IndieRom

13105995_545514795621324_1270205044_oFor this week’s challenge I’m supposed write about a day in my life. Since I work a full-time job, most days nothing out of the ordinary happens. And how boring is that? So I thought it would be better to write about something that most, if not all authors, go through. Rejection Day.

Several months ago, I sent out a manuscript to a few publishers that I thought might be interested in it. I was proud of what I wrote and had labored over the MS for months. Putting in countless hours staring at the computer screen, telling my family ‘just one more sentence’ eighty times before I’d stop for the night. My writing had vastly improved since my first book was written and thank heaven for that. The two critique groups I belong to paid off. I was flying high.


Late one afternoon, I received a rejection letter with the typical ‘It’s not for us’ response. Then another a week later. Ugh! The second one, I think stung more because I disagreed with the reason for the rejection. No, I didn’t email back with a retort, I just simply let it go. This is very freeing if you are able to understand that opinions are subjective. However, I had the usual reaction, I call the four stages of rejection.

Stage one: That sucks!

Stage two: *tears* I’m the worst writer ever!

Stage three: They are crazy!

Stage four: Acceptance of reality. I’m going to work harder on my craft than ever before.

Fortunately, I have thick skin. I moved on and even found a home for my MS. So persevere and never give up.


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