Blog Challenge: Character Inspiration #LifeBooksWriting @IndieRom

My Obsession

Okay, I might have a slight obsession with angels. I guess because I’ve always had dreams where I could fly. And as you can see from my character inspiration Pinterest board, I love hot, sexy, alpha-male angel heroes. However, I like my heroines to have a backbone or at least learn to use it by the end of the story.

My top two character inspiration tools are listed below.

  1. Pinterest. I could easily spend hours browsing the pictures if I had the time. Well, even if I don’t have the time I do this. You never know when something will catch your eye and give you an idea about a character or story line. Cliche alert: A picture can be worth a thousand words…or 75,000.
  2. People watching. If you just watch the people you interact with, they can give you inspiration. For instance, my husband bites his nails so I wrote a character who bites his nails. And another fellow writer recently told me that she was going to write a character who twirled their hair and had dimples, after watching me do this for several hours during a meeting. I totally thought that was cool was she told me that.
Join us for the Blog Challenge. These are the deets.

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