My Bookshelf: Post-#BEA2016

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This week I attended BEA in Chicago. Anyone who has attended will understand the amount of books publishers and authors give away at this thing. The first day I had to make several trips back to my hotel room throughout the day just to unload because my shoulders were killing me.

Some of the many books I picked up at BEA.

The second day I tried to be a bit more selective with the books I took, but still wound up with a ton. I must confess that I visited the RWA booth four times for autographed books; #Iloveromance.

I want to give a special thanks to the indie and/or small pub authors that gave me their books. I know that being an exhibitor at BEA was not cheap, and then to add on top the cost of giving away your books for free was above and beyond awesome and greatly appreciated.  I plan to read as many as I can from now until the end of the year.

I also collected (not all pictured here) many middle grade books for my son. He will be happily reading this summer. A couple of the authors personally signed them for him. The boy was definitely excited! And even thanked me!

On an interesting note, at one point I was aimlessly wandering around the convention and spotted my book cover on someone’s banner. So I walked over and said, “Hey, this is my book.” The cover artist, Renee of The Cover Counts, told me that she designed the cover. She also told me that I made her show, and the funny thing is that she made mine too.

Healing Hearts made an appearance at BEA after all. Thanks, Renee!
Healing Hearts made an appearance at BEA after all. Thanks, Renee!


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