Procrastination: The Daily Struggle

#procrastination #amwriting #amIjustlazy

As a writer I find myself in a constant war with myself.  I love writing and love my characters when I’m writing a book. But after the first draft I tend to go on a procrastination binge before starting the editing process on that just completed manuscript. According to the definition of procrastinate this might mean I’m lazy. I will do almost anything to stay away from the MS, including, becoming temporarily obsessed with social media, watching TV (don’t watch a lot normally), read (a given), research for another MS (which also needs to be fleshed out after first draft), look for character inspiration on Pinterest, develop ideas for ten more books that I may never write, and finally complain about how I never have enough time to get any writing/editing done 😉 Okay, so I may have a problem.

What are some things you do to procrastinate and how do you overcome this hurdle?


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